We Checked Out Talindo...Finally

Talindo Steak House

7b Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0802 365 58800708 227 7630

NOSA: All pictures in today's post are scraps. You might have to deal.

FOLLY: Nosa was stuck in traffic and by the time he got there, the restaurant decided we needed mood lighting and started switching off the lights. 

NOSA: Talindo had been off the list because it's supposedly really expensive, but when the opportunity came to spend someone else's money on dinner, Talindo was back on.

Funny thing is, Talindo isn't that expensive. It's not even in that upper bracket of Lagos restaurants. RSVP, for one, is more expensive. The most expensive steak on the RSVP menu is double that of the most expensive steak on the Talindo menu. 

I got the bacon-wrapped steak with a side of baked potatoes. Baked potatoes like this...

baked potato

...but came out like this.

FOLLY: But they baked the potatoes tho... It's not like they put a picture on the menu and you got something wildly different yanno.

NOSA: The steak was really good. I didn't have the highest hopes after I saw Folly's and my baked potato, but this impressed me.

FOLLY: I really tried to persuade Nosa not to order the bacon wrapped steaks cause I thought they'll criss-cross bacon over the steak which equals heart attack but he's too stubborn. He tried to whisper his order to the waiter by pointing, but the man fell his hand and shouted it out. 

NOSA: I tried getting it medium rare and the waiter goes, "no, you'll get it medium" on some "I'm your father" shit. Shoutout to him though, the medium was more or less medium rare so he gets a pass.

FOLLY: Same here with my filet mignon but he was like nope, you'll have yours medium well. 

FOLLY: So on my steak I was very disappointed in it cause it came out on a sizzling plate of peppercorn sauce. It was BOILED meat in black peppercorn sauce. Then there was the issue of the black peppercorn sauce being made with heavy cream. 

I didn't know this while I was eating it but I found out soon after I was done and this is a problem because I'm lactose intolerant

It's funny cause I didn't even eat half of the steak before I started feeling full - the cream was probably exploding inside me already. 

FOLLY: The mash was laughable. 

NOSA: Very.


NOSA: Good steak. Shit side. 

FOLLY: Next time, I'm getting the surf and turf. 



Bacon Wrapped Steak - N7000

Fillet Mignon - N7000