Food Diary: Toasties are Nosa's Guilty Pleasure

Following Folly’s food diary last week, I decided to give the thing a shot. Knowing how reckless I am with finances, I figured it would fun to know how much i “accidentally’” spend on food in a random week.


Breakfast - 9:00 am

Gin and tonic for breakfast. I loaded up on alcohol because of the local election and it turns out I bought way too much. You can say I had leftovers.

Spent: N0

Early Lunch - 12:00 pm

Got a Toastie for early lunch. Had a patty melt with eggs in it. Toasties are probably my favorite thing in Lagos. Such a shame it’s right beside my gym.

Spent: N2600

Lunch-ish - 3:00 pm

We were filming our taste test and it was open season on pizza and beer.  

Spent: N0

Dinner - 9:00 pm

Left over pizza and gin. Gin with lemonade now. This might be a running thing this week.

Spent: N130



Breakfast - 8:00 am

Got some berry tea from Hubmart some weeks ago. Had that for breakfast post swim.

Spent: N0


I lied… Breakfast - 10:30 am

Got Mr Ekpa from the vending machine at work because I can't come and die.

Spent: N50

Lunch - 12:00 pm

Ordered a pasta salad from Britt’s for lunch. Britt’s is my go-to when I’m trying to eat healthy-ish and I’m too lazy to meal prep.

Spent: N2700

Snack - 3:15 pm

Office snacks FINALLY came in so my coworker and I split a pack of plantain chips. Unlike Folly’s office, the snacks aren’t free. I work in a bank and banks don’t give people free shit. Everyone pitches in like N2000 each month to stock up our snack stash.

Spent: N0

Dinner - 8:00 pm

Chicken and gluten free pasta and beer. A bit of a heavy dinner, but I hit the gym again so I deserved it.

Spent: N0



Breakfast - 8:00 am

Tea, again, for breakfast.  This time with some biscuits from office snack stash.

Spent: N0

Lunch - 12:00 pm

My coworker’s girlfriend surprised him with a box of cupcakes. Had one and some more tea

Spent: N0

Dinner-ish - 7:00 pm

We’re planning our next Lunch Club so we had a meeting with the owners of Backyard. Had a couple chicken wings and a roast beef canapé thing before splitting some skewers with Folly.

Spent - N7000

Dinner - 9:00 pm
Found some bread at home so I made a quick chicken panini and had a beer before going to bed. Third straight night with alcohol for dinner. Yikes.
Spent: N0



Breakfast - 9:00 am

Didn’t hit the gym and I was surprisingly hungry so I ordered a chickwizz meal. No way was I going to work on an empty stomach.

Sidenote: Chickwizz is sooooo trash these days.

Spent: N1250

Lunch - 1:30 pm

The cook made me some couscous the night before so I packed a little bowl for lunch. Couscous > rice, btw

Spent: N0

Snack - 3:00 pm

Plantain chips. Two packs of them. Bottomless pit was my second name on this day.

Spent: N0

Dinner - 7:45 pm

Cook surprised me with potato gratin. Well, he took the last bit of my cheese that I paid out the ass for, but he did make potato gratin. I’ll give him a little credit. Oh, more alcohol for me as nightcap. A gin + soda this time.

Spent: N0



Breakfast - 7:30 am

Did a nasty Crossfit WOD so naturally, my next move was to eat as soon as I got to work. Leftover potato gratin. I've been trying to get back into to Crossfit this month. Compared to college, my numbers are weak as hell but I'll blame my arthritic hip for that

Spent: N0

Lunch - 12:45 pm

Some more leftovers. This time, I had couscous. The cook does this thing where he makes fried rice, but with couscous instead. It's not the greatest thing, but eating it cold a day or two after always gets the job done.

Yes, I said "cold".

Spent: N0

Dinner - 8:00 pm

Went to the gym again and came home tired as hell. Grabbed a beer and passed out. Trophy might be my new favorite beer, however. Grabbed it once at Backyard and it has been my thing since. Although my doctor won't be too pleased. I'm supposed to be adjusting "my lifestyle".

Spent: N0


Total Spend: N13,750

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EDL Weekender: Pancakes, Brunch and Alté Vibes.

EAT: Pancakes at HSE Gourmet

FOLLY: One of the questions we get a lot is where one can get good pancakes in Lagos. If you're in Lekki, HSE Gourmet is definitely where you want to go.


DRINK: Brunch Out by FOMO Lagos

FOLLY: I'm not a fan of Food Shack for the food but you can go for the drinks :)


LAGOS: Stadium Hotel

EMEKA: It starts to get lively after midnight and continues until early morning. It's great High Life Music and the space has a lot of character. 

Date: Saturday 29 July, 2017
Time: 11:00PM - Late
Fee: N300
Location: 27/33, Iyun Road, (Close to Hogan Bassy Crescent) Surulere, Lagos

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 102
Subject: Pork!

Message: Hey!

Been craving pork for quite a while now and I will love to know where I can get a decent pork meal (perhaps a sandwich or a full dish) anywhere in Lagos (asides from HSE Cafe, Toasties and Smokey Bones)
If you can advise which spots are affordable or expensive that will help too.

— Kiki

FOLLY: If you're lucky and it's available when you visit, Shiro has pork belly.  

NOSA: I was going to say Toasties, but yeah... 

BL has great ribs also. 

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hiiii,
My birthday is on friday and my boyfriend and I will like to go somewhere lavish with beautiful ambience. Budget 30k for just the both of us, where do you suggest?
— Pearl

FOLLY: Sky Lounge.  

NOSA: I vote for Tarragon (only if you like fine dining) or Verandah, which is one of my favorite places in Lagos right now. 

Involtini Alla Fungi @ La Veranda

Involtini Alla Fungi @ La Veranda

Good morning,

Great work you guys are doing at Eat Drink Lagos. Keep up the good work.

Please call you suggest a few restaurants on the island for a birthday dinner. Buffet style or something.

Would appreciate your help.

— Anon

FOLLY: Check out our buffet guide here.  

NOSA: or you can check out our favorite restaurants of the month

The French @ South

The French @ South

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For this Taste Test, we got 3 friends of the blog (Somto, Seyi, and Folarin) to try to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. To make it more fun, we tossed a Dr. Pepper in the mix to make things interesting.

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Dining Out in the Lagos Context: How the Eat.Drink.Lagos Rating Works

NOSA: This post has been in my head for a minute, but I haven’t really had the opportunity to put it down until a couple of conversations I had over this past weekend.


Liked it

Compared to the average Lagos restaurant, this is a very good restaurant in food and service

The “Nigerian Factor” is something that we try to consider when we write our reviews. Nigeria has its peculiarities and these must be taken into account when pronouncing a verdict on any restaurant we visit. 

For starters, it’s never going to be as good as the one place you visited in west London. It’ll never be as authentic as the hole in the wall in San Antonio. It’ll never taste just like the one at that cafe in Florence.

It is what it is, I’m afraid.

And it’s not for the want of trying. It’s just the way Nigeria is set up. You think the power situation hits your household hard? Imagine running a business in these conditions. Or the price of a raw material literally tripling overnight.   

It's meh

The food was palatable but not enjoyable enough to warrant a second visit. 

Nigeria is hard and whatnot.

We don’t produce our own cheese, for instance. So every slice you eat in Lagos is imported and as you might have guessed, it gets more expensive with increasing quality. That’s why you have burger like The French at South costing a mini fortune.

This weekend, a tiny block of parmesan set me back about N1300. Absolutely ludicrous!

I once had a conversation with the couple that owns RSVP about cocktails. The wife mentioned something about having to buy imported limes because the Nigerian ones don’t have enough juice.

With that in mind, the rational restaurant owner is going to skimp on a couple things here and there. Like put ugwu instead of mint in your mojito.

After all, all na leaf.

I don’t like it, but again, it is what it is.

Hated it

The food is here well below average and the service leaves a lot to be desired.

So when a restaurant actually tries, it’s so easy to stand out. And while it might not be what you’re used to, it’s much better than the standard fare. That’s how a place like Sky Lounge has gotten away with it for so long.  Because when you think about it within the context of Lagos and its restaurants, how many restaurants are better?