Victoria Island's New IT Restaurant


Landmark Centre, Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

0805 046 4099

NOSA: Sometime in December we met the guy who owns La Boucherie. Well, we didn’t meet him, he met us. But that’s a story for another day. Anyway,  he told us about this new Japanese place with Wagyu on the menu. This is a big deal because Wagyu meat is the priciest beef in the world. The marbling on it is simply unreal and the fat is the good kind.

Long story short, we had to check Shiro out.

FOLLY: Because we splurged with the wagyu steak, we didn't order many other things which I think is a shame so we really HAVE to go back here. At the same time, there are a couple things we tried to order but were told were not available: the 7 spice pork belly and the crispy duck maki roll. 

I'd like to try the sashimi, the duck maki rolls and the 7 spice pork belly, so Shiro is definitely a revisit for me. 

shiro restaurant lagos-2.jpg

FOLLY: We "started" with 3 maki rolls and our plan was to split the asian style wagyu steak as a main, knowing fully well that it won't be bigger than my fist. 

shiro restaurant lagos-3.jpg

FOLLY: The maki rolls we ordered were the Prawn Suya Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki, and Lobster Maki with Truffle Oil. All of which were generally average but the prawn suya maki was the standout for me simply because I'd never had anything like it and it was a pleasant deviation from regular maki rolls.

shiro restaurant lagos-6.jpg

NOSA: Nobody is coming close to Izanagi as far as sushi goes. Shiro tried, but nah, it’s not good enough. I agree with Folly though, the Suya Prawn roll was unbelievable. You HAVE TO try it if you come here.

shiro restaurant lagos-7.jpg

FOLLY: The spicy tuna maki was, as you're probably imaginining, quite basic. In fact, the only reason I ordered it was because I was all out of options for things I wanted that they didn't have available. 

shiro restaurant lagoss-1.jpg

FOLLY: I expected more from the lobster maki roll. This was more rice than anything else and in retrospect,  I suspect they put the glob of lobster on the top to hide the fact that this was chok full of rice. 

shiro restaurant lagos-5.jpg

FOLLY: Now, let's talk about this this piece of meat that is someone's salary. First of all, here's the Wikipedia link to wagyu if you're not already familiar. Naturally, we ordered it medium rare because if you're buying meat so expensive it's a travesty to cook it any more than that but of course our waiter felt he knew better. 

NOSA: While we ordered it medium rare, we got it well done. So we called the waiter over to get our mistake sorted and to our surprise, the waiter said it’s only served well done.

No way on earth was I going to pay twenty six thousand Nigerian naira for a well done steak.

No, sir.

Not me.

We had to explain our situation to the manager, who, thankfully, got us a new plate. Funny enough, we never got clarification if they make it well done by default.

FOLLY: Thankfully!

shiro restaurant lagos-8.jpg

Honestly, Nosa and I never react if something is overcooked or poorly cooked, we just decide they don't know what they're doing but at this price point, garra complain because at that price point, I deserve for it to be done right. 

shiro restaurant lagos-10.jpg

FOLLY: I just wish the lighting was better (or that I could adjust the camera better) because with this pictures you can't see the real colour of the meat and the vein like marbling.

NOSA: This might be the best steak I've had in my entire life. No exaggeration.

Ok, maybe a little.

FOLLY: This was my first time ever having a wagyu beef and it didn't disappoint (except it was so small but that was expected). On the texture, I barely had to chew it because it was so soft. You chew it once or twice and it's just so soft and slick like butter. 

NOSA: I think that's really what got me. There was no struggling with it at all. Tender, juicy, everything.

FOLLY: The taste is very subtle, not overly beefy. 

NOSA: That said, no way am I spending 26k on steak in Lagos again. I'm not mad.



FOLLY: Overally, I enjoyed Shiro and the service was good enough. The food didn't wow me but it didn't underwhelm me. The menu was interesting and I really would like to go back and try new things.

NOSA: I really like Shiro. The space is beautiful and while the food wasn't the greatest thing ever, I'd come here again. Perfect for date night too.



Spicy Tuna Maki - N3500

Prawn Suya Maki - N3500

Asian Style Wagyu Steak - N26000

Lobster Maki with Truffle Oil - N3500



It's in landmark so there's an abundance of parking spaces


Taste the Liberation, How to Make a Cuba Libre

The history of the Cuba Libre, also known as "Rum & Coke" to philistines, is pretty interesting. The only thing everyone agrees on is that the cocktail originated in Cuba. Different liquor houses have their own take on its origins and in all that marketing propaganda, the truth is to be found.

As far as ingredients go, the Cuba Libre is as basic as it gets. In fact, it is one of the simplest cocktails to make.


  1. 1 part Bacardi Gold
  2. 2 lime wedges
  3. 2 parts cola
  4. Cubed ice


  1. Fill a glass with lots of ice.
  2. Squeeze 2 lime wedges into the glass, to release the juice.
  3. Drop the lime wedges into the glass. The lime zest gives it more flavour.  (NB It is important that the lime juice coats the ice).
  4. Pour in the Bacardi, top up with chilled cola and stir gently.
  5. Garnish with a lime wedge.
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EDL Weekender: New Restaurant Alert

FOLLY: Here's what happening this weekend that we feel you should be hip to. 

Dreakfast by Anu Bello @ Vapors

Anu Bello.png

NOSA: Breakfast for Dinner!

I hope the usual Vapors crowd has gone back to wherever because I actually want to go to this.


Sugarcane its Opening its Doors

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 2.38.17 PM.png

NOSA: They used to make cupcakes and it looks like they have a whole thing now.

FOLLY: It's hard to drive past Ologun Agbaje without noticing this striking new restaurant. Today is opening day and we can't wait to visit.


Movienic by Nothing To Do In Lagos


EMEKA*: It's the First #MovieNic of the Year!

Time: 5:00PM Picnic. 6:45PM Movie
Fee:  N500
Location: Cafe Neo, 19b Adeyemi Lawson, Ikoyi
Tip of the Day: Bring a bottle & blanket. The Kingston Kitchen food truck will be there serving their delicious Jamaican dishes & you'll also be able rent hookah. Let's get outside! 

*Curated by NothingToDoinLagos

Work Lunches: Smoothie Express

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Smoothie Express

Order online

0909 931 9266. 0909 931 9267

FOLLY: Our Smoothie Express review has been elusive for a while now. We've ordered it before but I can't even remember what happened but we never posted it. Outside of that experience, I have also ordered their smoothies a couple of times.

NOSA: I actually order Smoothie Express with some frequency.

FOLLY: I ordered the Kiwi Banana Smoothie and the "Spicy Shrimps" Salad. The word "shrimps" in the menu item irks me because shrimp is the plural of shrimp.

NOSA: I think I've never ordered the shrimp one for this very reason.

FOLLY: Please, owners of Smoothie Express if you're reading this please change it, please. 

smoothie express salad

FOLLY: First impression of Smoothie Express is that they, unlike most of their competitors, have a decent website for online ordering that actually ALLOWS you to pay online.

NOSA: This is a MAJOR selling point for me. I can order, pay online, and at no point does anybody call me to "confirm" my order (looking at you, Chicken Republic). The website is a bit buggy, but the tech aspect of Smoothie Express' operations certainly doesn't get enough credit.

Anyway, I got the Berries Fete smoothie (not pictured because I forgot smh), which is a cup full of blueberries, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and honey. At 300 cal, per the Smoothie Express website, this is pretty healthy for a non-healthy option (Smoothie Express has "light" versions of their smoothies).

kiwi banana smoothie express

FOLLY: My smoothie arrived very cold and still frozen (i.e. the water had not begun to separate) which was great considering we're in the tropics. 

The ingredient list of the kiwi banana smoothie contains kiwi, banana, pineapple, yoghurt and honey. My initial reservation on this smoothie was that the kiwi would be overwhelming cause I find kiwi quite tart and after I eat it my lips begin to tingle (that eventually happened) but I ordered it anyway. 

NOSA: To be honest, I never really look out for flavor when I order smoothies. I just want it really cold and still "frozen". I hate fruit enough already, I'm not trying to taste it. But the Berries Fete my favorite of the lot.

smoothie express kiwi banana

FOLLY: I thought it was a great smoothie and the taste of the pineapple (my second favourite fruit after orange, yes, I'm basic deal with it) came through in the entire thing. It also wasn't bitter or overwhelmingly sweet.

NOSA: My salad, on the other hand, was pretty solid. Like a solid 6/7. Not great, but far from bad. Could have done with a little variety in the content. Maybe some spinach here and there. A little less cabbage and carrots. Wished it was more "leafy". Salad, not coleslaw. I got avocado as an extra to give it some oomph.

shrimp salad smoothie express

FOLLY: Now, this "spicy shrimps salad" was not the one for me. I'm very big on smells and I can condemn an entire plate of food if there's a smell I don't like. Upon opening the salad, there was a particular smell I couldn't place. I think it was one of the spicies used in the shrimp and so I could only stomach a few bites before I condemned this to the "it's a no from me" pile. Yeah, I tried and I really couldn't. 




FOLLY: Their smoothies are great, the salad wasn't my cup of tea.

NOSA: Well, they're SMOOTHIE Express, not SALAD Express.



Spicy Shrimp Salad - N1500

Kiwi Banana Smoothie - N1500

Chicken Salad - N1400

Berries Fête Smoothie - N1500





Delivery only