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Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: My boyfriend’s birthday is next week and I plan to take him to dinner. Kindly assist with restaurants on the island preferably VI, Ikoyi. Budget is 10 to 17k (blame recession). A intimate setting would be cool too.
— Judi O

NOSA: Is that budget per head or total?

If per head,

If combined,

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi Guys,

My dad’s birthday is coming up this Saturday and we’ve been cracking our heads on where to take him for a nice birthday dinner. Looking for great ambience, excellent cuisine and of course, good pricing. Looking at Island/Lekki/Ikoyi locations. We are going to be about 10-15 persons in number.

What do you recommend? I hear Shiro is nice but pricey...Anyways looking forward to your recommendation!

— Boxx

NOSA: I feel like we're responding to this very late. But if it's not too late, check out 1415

FOLLY: Shiro is good. The food isn't as good as 1415 but the ambience makes up for it. 

Subject: Graduating dinner

Message: Hi am looking for a good restaurant to have my grad dinner. 7 to 8k per head on food n cocktail. Good food and good service.
— FS

NOSA: How many people? Either way, try Insignia

FOLLY: Or BL Restaurant.

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Ethnique Strives to be Everything Yellow Chili Should be

Ethnique Restaurant

 Nakenohs Blvd. 4, Bank Rd (Murtala Mohammed Drive), Ikoyi, Lagos

0906 917 8241. 0817 159 1035

FOLLY: Toasties got a couple of new neighbors. One's a bakery and her 'right beside" next door neighbor is Ethnique. 

NOSA: That strip in Nakenohs BLVD is a food court of sorts now. If the owner is really about it, there's a lot of money to be made.

FOLLY: Ethnique is what you'll expect it to be, a Nigerian restaurant that isn't strictly Nigerian. I was expecting more fusion dishes but instead there was a Nigerian section and then there was a "continental section". Does anyone else hate that word "continental" and its applications in the Nigerian hospitality sector?

NOSA: Man, what exactly is "Continental" fare? What continent?

FOLLY: It seriously irks me.

NOSA: This is a rant for another day.

FOLLY: Ethnique is a really small restaurant. There's a bar with about four stools inside and three regular tables. Most of the seating is actually available outside. 

ethnique nakenoh blvd ikoyi-1.jpg

FOLLY: Ethnique should not put time suggestions on their menu if they aren't going to keep to them cause it creates a very angsty customer. For example, the Small Chops Platter that was said to take 20 minutes preparation time, actually ended up taking 32 minutes. 

On the whole, I will give the small chops platter a comfortable 6.5/10.

NOSA: I'd give it something like a 7 or 7.5, because I thought it was pretty decent.

FOLLY: It was good but not stellar. Here's what we thought of the individual pieces:

The snail was pretty tough.

NOSA: This is more on how Nigerians prepare snail than anything. I wouldn't hold it against them.

ethnique nakenoh blvd ikoyi-5.jpg

FOLLY: The prawn batter was inconsistent but the inside was still soft and not overcooked.

NOSA: I'll agree with you on this one.

FOLLY: The chicken wings were slightly cross fit in appearance aka they didn't have a lot of meat.

NOSA: The wings were pretty flavorful and despite how skinny it looked, the meat was tender enough.

FOLLY: The chicken wings and the snails and the vegetables were sauteed in the same sauce which tasted great, it had a hint of soy sauce so I found the sweet chili dip that the platter was served with to be a good pairing.  

NOSA: The samosa was a bit of a let down.

FOLLY: The samosa didn't have enough beef in it and the spring roll was good. 

NOSA: The spring roll was pretty forgettable now that I think about it. Like, I actually forgot we had spring roll on that plate

For my main, I had the Ethnique Surf N' Turf, which is basically their take on the Jollof Fiesta at L'Afric.

ethnique nakenoh blvd ikoyi-7.jpg

NOSA: For all it claims to come loaded with, this plate was incredibly boring. The jollof needed salt and on the whole, it was tedious to get through. Required 3 attempts.

I wish the central thing here wasn't the rice, but I guess it's a Nigerian thing. A more adventurous chef might turn all attention to the the prawn and the chicken. Relegate the rice to a side attraction.

FOLLY: For my main, I had the Sweet Potato Pottage. It had an advised preparation time of 25 minutes but it actually arrived in 1hr and 30 minutes.


ethnique nakenoh blvd ikoyi-11.jpg

FOLLY: I've never had a sweet potato pottage but the Internet has always made me crave it. I prefer sweet potatoes to yam so this didn't disappoint. I find the sweetness of the potato to be a much better "partner" to the rich savory tomato sauce. I also usually always find the yam to be bland in yam pottage.

NOSA: I'm not a big pottage person, but I liked this. Not sure if it was because the pottage was that good or because I really like sweet potatoes. Either way, it's a "yes" from me.

ethnique nakenoh blvd ikoyi-10.jpg

FOLLY: I'm a purist in that I don't believe in stock fish or vegetables in my pottage. I don't hate the additions or think that it ruins the dish, but if given a choice I'd opt out of including them.



FOLLY: I'm neither here nor there about this place. The food was okay but lacking in personality. From what we tried and the entire menu, I can't say they have a unique flair.

NOSA: Ethnique is basically like any Nigerian restaurant out there, minus the obscene portion sizes.

FOLLY: I also felt the restaurant had no ambiance. If you played the SIMS you know when you need to put paintings and decor to make your SIMS environment go up, think about it like that. This was pretty neutral, no positive or negative environment change.

NOSA: I wouldn't blame them for that directly. The bakery beside them really kills the vibe. They really need to take advantage of the lawn in front of the restaurant though. Not just them, the three "spots" on that strip.



Small Chops Platter - N5000

Ethnique's Surf & Turf - N4000

Sweet Potato Pottage - N2500



Yes. Reasonable amount in the Nakenohs compound.

EDL Weekender: St. Pats at NOK

EAT:Chef Imoteda + Chef Benedict Supper Club

 NOSA: The menu looks pretty decent.

FOLLY: And expensive, but dollar is up fam, well now it's down, but it's still relatively up. 

NOSA: To reserve, hit up +234-909-644-7920 or


DRINK: St. Pats Day at NOK


A post shared by Nok By Alara (@nokbyalara) on

NOSA:  Nok is having a thing this evening for St. Pats Day. The NOK Garden is being transformed into a beer parlor with ALLLLL the beers.

FOLLY: Nigerian beer only or foreign beers too?

NOSA: Either way, sounds like my rocks. 


LAGOS: iRep Film Fest 2017 (Friday 17/03/17 - Sunday 19/03/17)

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.06.15 PM.png

EMEKA*: Always love when this festival comes to town. Its my chance to catch movies I would otherwise miss if it wasn't for iRep Fest. Plus all the movies are free! Definitely check out the festival programme and pick one. I'm looking forward to Robert Mugabe.......What Happened at 8:15PM on Saturday. 

Fee: Open to All
Location: Freedom Park, 1 Broad Street, Lagos Island

EDL Taste Test: Coco Ribbon vs. Bread Lounge




FOLLY: A little expensive cause 6 donuts N4000.

NOSA: It's definitely "priced as a gift"

FOLLY: Honorable mention to the packaging which is incredibly cute. 



Vanilla Custard, Caramel, Raspberry Jam, Nutella

Vanilla Custard, Caramel, Raspberry Jam, Nutella

FOLLY: We ordered the box of six that comes in all their flavors namely:

  • Nutella
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Salted Caramel
  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Plain

NOSA: It tastes like Mr Biggs donut. Folly won't agree.

FOLLY: Of the lot, my favorites were Strawberries & Cream and Caramel.

NOSA: Ok, maybe not exactly like Mr. Biggs, but it tastes like what Mr. Biggs donut wants to be. The raspberry jam one was fantastic, in particular.

FOLLY: Third place is probably a tie with vanilla custard and raspberry jam. The Nutella was forgettable, and the plain one was in solid last place. 

Nutella, Strawberries & Cream, Plain

Nutella, Strawberries & Cream, Plain

FOLLY: It's what Mr. Biggs donut should aspire to be. A cake donut that is fluffy but not oily. It also didn't taste like bread, I feel it's important that I mention that because of this experience. 

NOSA: I'd rather not talk about that experience.





FOLLY: Much cheaper than Coco Ribbon, at N300 a pop. 

NOSA: Probably, for good reason.




FOLLY: The glazed donut was stale and the caramel was decent. 

NOSA: Overall, it was incredibly disappointing. Let's not talk too much about it.



FOLLY: I still prefer Chocolate Royale. 

NOSA: I'll be on topic, I prefer Coco Ribbon