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Who reads Eat.Drink.Lagos?

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What can Eat.Drink.Lagos offer you?

Special Offer Promotion

Happy Hour List your establishment’s drink special in our Happy Hour Guide (a list of drink specials available at different restaurants organized by day of the week). 


Every month Eat.Drink.Lagos hosts an intimate lunch with a select group of our readers. Styled like a private supper club, The Lunch Club takes the Eat.Drink.Lagos experience offline. Brands can get niche exposure and unique access to an already engaged Eat.Drink.Lagos audience.

Content Partnership

A content partnership will have the brand provide more in terms of editorial direction but it will not be a review. Reviews are excluded from content partnerships because with the brand contributing to the editorial direction, we’d like to avoid compromising integrity. Despite not being a review, it’ll be produced to look like the non-review articles on the website with Eat.Drink.Lagos' unique voice.


Sponsored Post

A “Sponsored Post” is editorially independent content. We accept compensation from the brand for content we already produce. In this case, we already do reviews of food we eat. This is not available to restaurants, affiliates or their partners. For example, food logistics companies could sponsor reviews on the site for their vendors because there is no conflict of interest.


Homepage Logo Takeover

Subject to Eat.Drink.Lagos approval, we offer advertisers to the opportunity to modify the Eat.Drink.Lagos homepage logo. 



Display Ads

At the moment, display ads on Eat.Drink.Lagos run in four distinct locations - top banner, premium sidebar (top half of sidebar), regular sidebar (lower half of sidebar), and footer. For more information on Eat.Drink.Lagos display advertising, click HERE.