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Subject: need help with affordable restaurant

Message: Good day guys, want to take my girlfriend on a special date but have trouble finding a special restaurant for the date. Am in final year so really don’t have an income. A restaurant where I can spend 6000 to 7000 on food and drink that’s not really common. Really appreciate it if you could help, we are kinda celebrating a minor milestone.
— O.R

NOSA: Aww this is cute. You're not going to find a cheap restaurant that's "not common" so you might have to "manage". For this price range, I usually recommend La Taverna. Both of you can split a pizza and get a sangria pitcher without spending over 5k. The pasta might put a squeeze on your budget.

FOLLY: A breakfast date at La Brioche perhaps? 

NOSA: Another option Basilico, but you'll have to settle with one of the lower end pastas on their menu. 


Subject: Best place to have breakfast on the island

Message: Hello guys,

I want to go out for breakfast this week cuz it’s my birthday :-) Where would you advise we go (myself and 3 other people)? Somewhere nice but reasonably priced. Minus Crust and cream, Delis and Churchill since I’ve had those before. I’ve read through your blog and it’s down to La Brioche, Foundry or Craft Gourmet. Kindly advise, thanks!
— F.O

NOSA: Craft Gourmet, for me.

FOLLY: La Brioche is cheaper than Craft Gourmet.  

Subject: Where to hang after work

Message: Hi guys!
My girls and I are looking for where we can go chill on a weekday evening. Somewhere affordable with great lighting (for great snaps obviously! :)) and great food. We’re looking at places preferably within Ikoyi and VI.

P.s. What do you guys think about the food at sailors lounge,lekki?

NOSA: Sailors is absolutely terrible. Have you looked at the water in their waterfront patio? Completely disgusting. 

As for weekday hangouts, you can't go wrong with Hard Rock. It's very snapchat friendly.

Subject: Affordable platters

Message: Hiiii.
Could you please suggest places in Ikoyi,VI and Lekki that have interesting platters that wont make my friends and i break the bank. We want something filling that we can add sides to, get drinks and not spend over 25k for 5 people.
— Sugar Sugar

NOSA: My favourite one right now is the one at Eko Hotel Rooftop. The one at Liquid Hub is a close second.

FOLLY: There's bar/restaurant at Lilygate has a decent platter. 

Hello guys, I need your help... So my boss has asked me to find a restaurant (Not Chinese) for him and his Chinese associates, now this hangout is happening on friday evening and I am completely lost for a suitable place.
P.S My boss isn’t very impressable, so I need your professional advice, I’ll pay for it,if I have to.

P.S.S I was playing about the paying part...hehehe
— Oyinda

NOSA: I know you said no "Chinese", but Zhou Jie Hotpot has proper Chinese food that they're appreciate. Otherwise, go with Casper & Gambini's. Safe pick.

FOLLY: Hard Rock is also an option, but make a resrvation for them cause it gets busy. 

Hey guys,

I wanted to inquire from you all the top 5 places in Lagos with the best platters? Please, I wish to remain anonymous! Thank you so much.
— Anonymous

NOSA: Eko Hotel Rooftop, Liquid Hub, Tarragon, Rhapsody's. I know that's 4, but that's about all the ones that I like.

FOLLY: I'd add Hard Rock's to Nosa's 4 to make it 5. 

Subject: Dinner

Message: Hii please where can i go that has nice cocktail and food and is affordable
— FS

FOLLY: Affordability is relative, I'm afraid that's just too little information for me to make a recommendation. 

NOSA: This is a bit vague. Would be nice if you gave us more to work with. As you haven't, I going to go out on a limb and say Liquid Hub

Subject: Nice Place for a wedding Anniversary Dinner on the Island

Message: HI Guys,

great work, pls keep it up, I enjoy reading your reviews and trying out someof the resturants you recommend, i need your help,
its my wedding anniversary, pls advice on a nice restaurant where we can have dinner on the island on a friday, would like a place you can dress up a bit to, blazer for guys and a nice dress for the wifey, and a nice lively bar to go hang out after dinner, have some drinks listen to nice good music.

— K

NOSA: 1415. You HAVE to do 1415.

FOLLY: There's no live music but the occassion is definitely worth 1415. 

Ikoyi Just Got Healthier

The Nuli Juice Lounge

8 Rumens Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0909 944 9566


NOSA: We found this place thanks to the LostInLagos Instagram feed. 

The space is absolutely gorgeous. It's not the biggest, but it's perfectly sized for a cafe. An outdoor sitting area would've been perfect, but the area used to be (might still be) really dodgy so it's not negative.

FOLLY: And I think that outdoor area is better used as parking right now. 

NOSA: The interior is really tastefully done. From the wooden tables to the "wooden" bowls, everything seems to have been done by someone with a vision. You don't find a lot of that these days. According to the owner, the Cafe in Abuja opened before this one.

FOLLY: For people that try to be anonymous, it's so awkward when a restaurant owner comes to speak to you. I don't know if she spoke to us because she figured we were reviewing the place or if she just generally talks to all her customers. 

eatdrinklagos nuli juice lounge-1.jpg

Anyways like I told her, I liked the paninis I got - both of them. The Shrimpy Dimpy from the day before and the Chicken Fiesta from the day in question.

NOSA: The naan panini is pretty interesting. I wonder why they went with naan over a tortilla or pita bread. It's not something that I would've imagined could work, but it did. After my first bite, my first thought was: "how come no one else thought of this?". I got the chicken panini and it tasted incredibly healthy. 

eatdrinklagos nuli juice lounge-2.jpg

FOLLY: The chicken panini was crunchier than the shrimp panini and I wonder if that's by design. They both have the same vegetables in them: sweet corn, lettuce and carrots but the chicken one had a crunch and the shrimp had no crunch whatsoever. I preferred the crunchless ones. 

I should also add that the shrimp panini was made with a green curry sauce while in the chicken panini was a spicy mayo dressing. If we're being honest, I think the real reason I preferred the shrimpy dimpy was the surprise calamari. 

eatdrinklagos nuli juice lounge-5.jpg

NOSA: I wasn't the biggest fan of the sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are my favourite so this was a bit of a let down.

FOLLY: I actually liked the fries, they had a light onion-y batter. 

eatdrinklagos nuli juice lounge-3.jpg

NOSA: What I did love was the couscous. Now, that was fantastic. The serving size is ridiculously massive and they're very very generous with the shrimp. The raisins add a really neat sweet kick to it. After a while, it does taste like you're eating dry garri with shrimp, but if you like couscous, this is the one.

The smoothie (Berrylicious) was a little forgettable, unfortunately. Did not like the granola in it AT. ALL.

eatdrinklagos nuli juice lounge-6.jpg

FOLLY: Ehhh the Tropical Wonder smoothie (watermelon, pineapple, and ginger) could have done with a sweetener like honey, but the Bananarama that was just banana, almond milk and ginger was a hit with me 


NOSA: We went here two days in a row so it's fair to say we like Nuli Cafe.

FOLLY: Definitely like it, I may go back for that shrimpy dimpy today because #TreatYoSelfFridays

NOSA: Ikoyi has been dying for a place like this. It's like the Lord heard my cries and whatnot.




Bananarama - N600

Tropical Wonder - N500

Sweet Potato Fries - N800

Fiesty Chicken Panani - N1500

Shrimpy Dimpy Panini - N2500

Prawn Couscous Dream - N2800



It's a small cafe so they have small parking. Makes sense

#EatDrinkFestival 2.0 In Pictures

One last post about #EatDrinkFestival and we can finally get back to our business of cracking jokes about dining in Lagos. Sunday was so amazing. You won't believe all the panic attacks we had because we thought it would rain. Folly's mum had to come pray over the venue for us. It was that deep. 

A massive "thank you" to everyone who came out. The crowd was unbelievable and in December, we're going to get a space that'll fit everyone comfortably. We promise.

A special "thank you" to the sponsors for helping us keep this dream of ours going. We couldn't have done it without you guys. Literally, because we have no money. Shout out to our Day Ones too, you guys that have been reading the blog from the start. You're family now and we'd be nowhere without you guys. #EatDrinkFestival is your festival too. Don't let anyone take that from you. 

Anyway, enough of this long talk. Time for the pictures. You can check out the full album on Facebook or on the Festival website. Just in case you need a new profile picture or you want to put out an APB on "bae".

EDF - July-74.jpg
EDF - July-60.jpg
EDF - July-29.jpg
EDF - July-27.jpg
EDF - July-16.jpg

If you'd love to be a vendor or sponsor in December, shoot us an email - info[at]eatdrinkfestival[dot]com

Finally, if you attended please help us complete this quick post event survey

Fill Out Our #EatDrinkFestival Survey

FOLLY: Thank you everyone for coming to our second EatDrinkFestival. My lower back hurts and my elbow are sore. This is probably getting old now but you guys blew us away by showing up fully. This isn't a one time event and we want to make sure December's is a major improvement on yesterday's event, so please help us out with our little survey below. I hate that we're basically venue hoping now, but honestly I think it's unanimous that we need a bigger venue yet again. 

What is your gender?
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EDL Weekender: EatDrinkFestival Weekend Is Here

If you aren't at the £EatDrinkFestival this weekend, I don't know where else you're going to be. Anyway, since we can't just skip ahead to Sunday already, here are our picks for Friday and Saturday fun.

EAT: Jamaican Food at Mango Room

NOSA: This is the first Caribbean restaurant in Lagos, right? Considering how similar the cultures are, I'm surprised it took so long. Anyway, better late than never, add Mango Room to your weekend adventure plans.


FOLLY: Get the curry goat and let me know if I should try it. K thanks.

DRINK: Wine o' clock at The Winehouse 

NOSA: Just in case you forgot, Winehouse is still the move for low-key weekend rocks. 


FOLLY: Winehouse is actually a Lagos hack. 


LAGOS: #EatDrinkFestival, Duh!

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