Is Johnny Rockets A Top 5 Burger In Lagos?

Johnny Rockets

1411 Adetokunbo Ademola St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0817 588 1155

NOSA: So we were on a podcast with one of our readers over the weekend and Johnny Rockets came up. I’m like, “Hmm…I feel like Johnny Rockets right now” and Folly confesses she’s never been. 

FOLLY: Not in Nigeria, not in the overseas, I've never eaten at Johnny Rockets. I've accompanied people to Johnny Rockets but for some reason never eaten there. 

NOSA: Long story short, we have a proper Johnny Rockets review. 

Johnny Rockets is expensive as shit for what it is. Ok, maybe now, not so much because naira isn’t really worth anything. But 3k+ for a burger with no sides is so damn ludicrous. 

FOLLY: The burger that was N3200 today, cost N2400 in November 2014 which reflects a 33% price increase over the 22 month period. 

Honestly, it could be more considering Johnny Rockets imports almost everything that goes into their burgers according to an article I read a while back. They may use Nigerian onions & tomatoes but damn near every SINGLE thing else is imported. 

NOSA: That said, I got the Smokehouse Burger and I split a half onion rings + half fries basket with Folly. 

FOLLY: While I had the Route 66 - single patty, swiss cheese, mushrooms and grilled onions



NOSA: The onion rings are so so good.

FOLLY: The best onion rings in Lagos. Argue in your house. I also think Johnny Rockets has the best burger in Lagos but I'll wait before I delve into that. 

NOSA: I’ve been to like 2, or is it 3, other places that claim they have onion rings, but none have been as good as these. Remember the ones at Spice Route? Those were like akara with onions in them. 

FOLLY: Those onions rings were the worst. 

NOSA: The burger isn’t the best looking burger, but it’s what inside that counts. Don’t judge a burger by its cover. Inner beauty and whatnot. Beauty jokes aside, this is a solid burger. Like a solid 6/7 for me, which automatically makes it top 5 in Lagos because burgers in Lagos are mostly trash. 



FOLLY: Nope at least a 9/10. Across every single category of what makes a solid burger Johnny Rockets delivers. 

  • Bun - It's THE best bun. RSVP's bun used to be good but it fell off a bit so now it's out. Both Urban Fuxion and BBQ & Cravings buns are forgettable, this wasn't. Just from the picture, you can the bun looks pillowy soft. It was also just a tad bit sweet which I liked. 
  • Patty - Now, BBQ & Cravings has a tastier patty and this was a little bland after a couple bites but meat quality wise, this is still solid. 
  • Fillings - The mushrooms and onions in my burger were well grilled, unlike some people who just toss those in anyhow.
  • Cheese - Real cheese and not processed cheese slices. 

NOSA: I'm pretty sure you're just washed because they melted the cheese, but I'll let you cook.

FOLLY: *Eye Roll*  Urban Fuxion melts their cheese too. Oh, the entire burger was warm: patty, bun and fillings. I noted this cause it's a rarity. 


NOSA: I guess this is why they charge so much for it. They came in, tried a bunch of burgers in Lagos, and went, “nah, we have to make them pay out the asshole”. I respect that. It’s like when MTN came and charged us a bajillion naira for SIM cards. I believe that’s what they call capitalism. 


NOSA: Way better than Roadster and RoadChef, but not quite RSVP or Urban Fuxion or BBQ & Cravings. That’s solid enough, no?

FOLLY: Yes, it's expensive but it's the best burger I've had in Lagos

NOSA: No, it's not the best burger in Lagos but yeah, I’ll definitely revisit…when my salary goes up a little.

FOLLY: You're wrong and I'm going back this week. 





Route 66 Single - N3300

Smokehouse Single - N3200

1/2 Fries & 1/2 Onion Rings - N1600



Parking lot for 8 - 10 cars

It's #SUPERSEPTEMBER | Get 30% Off On Jumia Food

FOLLY: Remember leading up to our festival in July and I was basically Father Christmas on Twitter with Jumia Food vouchers? Uh uh good times.

NOSA: If work lunch stresses you as much as it stresses me, this is coming at the perfect time, i.e. salary hasn’t come in yet.


FOLLY: Jumia Food says they’re doing this because of the recession which some argue is just a word...Either way, for the rest of September, Jumia Food is offering 30% off select restaurants in Lagos and Abuja.

NOSA: Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Jumia Food app on your iOS or Android device or log onto

  2. Choose your specific location in either Lagos or Abuja;

  3. Select one of the following restaurants depending on your location or go straight to the Super September landing page here:
    Lagos - The Place, Shawarma & Co, Barcelos
    Abuja - Johnny Rockets, Sawadee Oriental, Chicken Capitol
    *Applies only to new customers

  4. Select the meal that catches your eye;

  5. Enter the voucher code SUPERFOOD on the checkout page; and

  6. Sit back, relax, and welcome your food with open arms upon speedy delivery.

NOSA: That’s all. Simples!

Aff-banner-@NG-@20160923-500-by-500-Free-Delivery (1).jpg

FOLLY: What’s also great is that Jumia Food is giving the rest of us that aren't new customers free delivery on over 100 restaurants in Lagos and Abuja this week.

NOSA: I think I’ll give the Sharwarma & Co. for the entire week. I really can’t control myself with these things.

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EDL Weekender: Craft Gourmet Is Finally Open For Dinner & A Free Poker Tournament

NOSA: It's another weekend and there are several things to eat, drink, and do this weekend.  I've been looking forward to this weekend since, like, Sunday night. Not sure if that means I hate my job or I love weekends. I'll get back to you on that. 

EAT: Craft Gourmet Has Extended Hours


NOSA: I got a text from Lou about this and I got pretty excited. I call her "Lou" now because we're totes on first name basis and my message was mass text to all customers*.

(*It was)

FOLLY: I can't wait to see what new items they add to the menu for the dinner service. 

NOSA: The new hours are:

  • Tues - Sat: 10 am - 10 pm
  • Sun: 11 am - 7 pm


DRINK: The Palm Wine Exhibition Is Back.... For One Day Only

Palm Wine.jpg

FOLLY: If you didn't get to see it last month, now's your last chance. The Palm Wine & Other Local Drinks Exhibition at Studio of Modé is back this Sunday for one day only.  

NOSA: If you're getting just one drink, try the Ogogoro. For science, at the very least. You'll finally understand why people run mad when they binge on it. 

LAGOS*: Free Roll Poker Tournament


EMEKA: The game is "Texas Hold Em", a variation of poker. If you have ever wanted to learn the game this is the best time! It's free entry and one lucky winner will take home N50,000. Get your poker face ready! 

* Curated by

EDL Taste Test: Chicken Republic vs. KFC

Since KFC came to Nigeria, it appears their strategy has been to open up shop beside every Chicken Republic or at least in very close proximity to one. An indirect consequence of this is that two are often compared, and so we decided to do the needful and compare them. 


FOLLY: It's pretty established that KFC costs more than Chicken Republic. We got the 2 piece chicken at each place. The KFC set cost N1100 while the Chicken Republic pair cost N1000.

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

Left: KFC; Right: Chicken Republic

FOLLY: The KFC chicken was actually fleshier so maybe that's one reason. 

NOSA: Actually, they both cost 1000, but KFC doesn't include Tinubu tax in their listed price. It just surprises you like usual when you see your receipt. 



eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-1.jpg

NOSA: The KFC chicken is a lot better quality than the Chicken Republic one. Take out all the breading and other senrenre, KFC reigns supreme. Maybe I’m biased, but I lean more to white chicken, which is what KFC uses. 



FOLLY: KFC chicken is hella oily fam. The ororo is way too much and they need to cut it. 

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s is a lot spicier and was definitely made for the Nigerian palate. KFC has a spicy option, but that's not their default chicken. The default spiciness of CR probably explains why they’re making more money. Their chicken is perfect for Jollof rice. 

eatdrinklagos kfc chicken republic-10.jpg

FOLLY: Or Rice & Beans. I know this isn't a review on Chicken Republic but allow their fried rice. 

NOSA: Never actually tried their fried rice. Is that a thing that people actually order?



Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic

NOSA: Chicken Republic’s isn’t as thick as KFC’s. More like a spice rub.

Right, Folly?

FOLLY: Yeah, Chicken Republic isn't going for crispy chicken per say like KFC is, it's just spicy fried chicken. 

NOSA: True, they do have another chicken on the menu called the "Crunchy Chicken", but it's a lot less popular.



NOSA: I liked the KFC one too. I’ll admit, the oil in it is ridiculous and close to unacceptable. It’s not as “crunchy” as it should be as a result.

FOLLY: It ended up soggy as a result, and I didn't like the KFC one. You know all the ridges you see in the pictures of KFC chicken to depict the crunchiness? In reality, Ze.



NOSA: I could easily tell these two apart. My partner, here, needed some time. 

FOLLY: I could distinguish between the two but Nosa is absolutely terrible at administering taste tests. He mixes them up and forgets what he handed you. Obviously, I can't prove it cause my eyes were closed but I know it. 

NOSA: This is a lie.



NOSA: This is probably one of the harder Taste Tests we’ve done because I like both. If I had a gun to my head, however, I’d go with Chicken Republic.

FOLLY: Chicken Republic. Now, yesterday, and tomorrow. 

Chicken Republic vs KFC
Chicken Republic
My IQ Test

Lekki Gets A New Burger Joint

Roadster Burgers Bar & Lounge 

Plot 25 Admiralty Way, Lekki One, Lagos

0704 646 1211

NOSA: Roadster got a new spot. Like, a proper one.

FOLLY: A "burger bar & lounge".

NOSA: I think the Roadster guy is the Nigerian dream coming to fruition. He started out as the manager of the restaurant at 3 Cousins and a Crook*. From there, he went on to start up Roadster Burger Bar. Last year, he went to culinary school in England and a couple weeks ago, he opened up the new Roadster spot. It’s one thing when you hear about entrepreneurship,  but it’s a different kettle of fish when you witness the growth first hand. 

FOLLY: You'd think Nosa got told the story first hand.

NOSA: 2nd hand is close enough.


NOSA: Shouts to him, though

We got a margarita and a mojito to kick things off. The drinks weren’t particularly good, but thanks to the sunset, the pictures looked great. Somehow that makes things even for me.

FOLLY: The bartender even had all the mojito tekkers cause I watched him make it. He even used fresh strawberries in my margarita but something about both was flat and neither was sweet. 


NOSA: I got the Pancake Burger as my main. I’ve seen this on the Roadster Instagram a couple of times so I was definitely looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment for me. 

The pancakes could have done with more syrup.

FOLLY: It really just needed more maple syrup 


NOSA: First of, it’s a burger patty sandwiched between two pancakes then sandwiched AGAIN between two burger buns. The burger buns were absolutely unnecessary so I got rid of mine. 


FOLLY: See that there? They should have drizzled it with syrup. I think the cook was overzealous with the buns because on their Instagram the picture of the pancake burger doesn't have bread.


NOSA:  The real disappointing bit is that this could be a whole lot more. Felt like Roadster restrained themselves a bit on this burger. It could have been a decadent tribute to gluttony, but it fell disappointingly short. 


FOLLY: Once again, I let Nosa jedi me into ordering the Drake Burger when what I really wanted was the Insanity Burger because of the caramelized onions and mushrooms it had, but sometimes 'order for the culture'.

Anyway, for me, onions are key in a burger and these didn't have any so that put me off everything. However, for what it's worth the bun was really good quality.


NOSA: Oh, and the burger needed better cheese. Major key. 

FOLLY: Certainly. The menu also said my burger would be coming with swiss cheese but instead I got  a cheddar slice. 


NOSA: The burger ideas are pretty innovative and if he’d just focused on burgers, they’d probably be a lot better. There’s no need for that breakfast menu. I can excuse the ribs and chicken, but not the others. But then again, I can understand why he isn’t cornering this niche market and not pandering to my idealism. 

FOLLY: The pulled BBQ chicken here is solid, had it once at their other location, 77 emoji flames at least. I'm still struggling to see why the burger I ordered was named after Drake. If Drake was a burger, I'd imagine something with poutine in it cause Canada.

NOSA: Lagos needs a dedicated burger joint because this one is not it.



Mojito - N2000

Margarita - N2000

Drake Burger - N3000

Pancake Burger - N2500



You car might get blocked in but parking's available. 

*Correction: An earlier version of this review incorrectly stated that the owner of Roadster Burger Bar & Lounge started out as a cook at BBQ & Cravings.