EDL Weekender: There's An Alcoholic Drinks Exhibition

EAT: Delis Is Still BAE


FOLLY: Remember when we used to go to Deli's every weekend? We've stopped now but I met some of my friends there last week ad yup, it's still as good as I remember. 

NOSA: Funny enough, I haven't been to Deli's in forever. I need to fix that this weekend. Or tonight.

Yeah, I'll fix that tonight.


DRINK: Palm Wine & Other Local Drinks At Studio of Mode

FOLLY: There are eleven drinks you get to try, ELEVEN let that sink in. 

NOSA: I think I'm going for the Asun. Palm Wine might not be my thing.

LAGOS: DrummerFest (The Talking Drum Festival)

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.20.20 AM.png

EMEKA: Free pickup and drop off busses from Ikeja Mall (ICM) , Unilag New hall and Palms Lekki From 11am -12pm prompt. Seems they also have a Bonfire that starts 5pm. Bonfire on the beach? We're there!

The Other Hotel In Ikoyi

The George

30 Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos

01 4663640

NOSA: It's a bit weird that I've only been to The George once prior to this visit. My mother's old apartment was a walking distance and I'd never once considered it as a place to go eat. Oh wait, I know why. It's goddamn expensive and the only time I went there, lunch was on the client I was working for at the time. 

FOLLY: This was my first time at The George and also my first time ever actually laying eyes on it. I knew it existed but it bewildered me cause I felt there was literally a hotel in Ikoyi hiding in plain sight as I'd heard about it but had never actually seen the structure. 

NOSA: For such a "big" hotel, it's weird how there's basically only one restaurant in it. There are multiple "dining areas", but the same menu runs everywhere. 

FOLLY: One restaurant with no name. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-2.jpg

I was so certain there was another restaurant that I left Nosa at the bar and went to the front desk to ask because I had seen it on their website. She clarified that what I had seen wasn't actually a second restaurant but was their private dining room. So, I scoffed and went back to find Nosa. 

NOSA: To start, we got the Fried Calamari, which came with the weirdest tasting tartar sauce. I still don't believe that thing was tartar sauce but the waiter insisted it was.

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-1.jpg

FOLLY: I'm 95% sure it wasn't tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is white/cream, this mystery substance was dark gray like tar. I'm also 95% sure that was some sort of paté.

NOSA: It had the strangest aftertaste and I couldn't stop myself from dipping in it. It's like when you know something is bad for you but you still do it and you can't explain why. This must be what it feels like when the devil uses you.

FOLLY: Yup, Nosa let the devil use him cause he kept eating that thing. I insisted on being pedestrian and asked for mayonnaise. Do you know it is considered bad etiquette to ask for ketchup at the dinner table if it's not served with the meal? 

NOSA: The calamari itself wasn't very good either. I'll leave it at that. Maybe Folly can be more descriptive. 

FOLLY: The batter itself was light but the calamari was a very dark color which would suggest one of two things. Either it was burnt or the oil was dirty. It wasn't burnt. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-5.jpg

NOSA: For my main, I ordered the rib eye. A very large rib eye, at that. And just like that time at The Wheatbaker, large =/= good. The quality of meat was really disappointing for an establishment of this stature. But hey, they gave me a big slab of meat so I should be grateful. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-4.jpg

FOLLY: I had the pork ribs. Unlike, that time at the Wheatbaker I didn't get the entire rack like Nosa did. However, just like that time at the Wheatbaker the ribs weren't very tender and at that price point I expect that you should take the time to cook it properly. 

NOSA: The rib eye was very tender and really chewy, but there wasn't a lot of flavor to it. It leaves you a little let down when you're done.

FOLLY: You know what it reminded me of? Slow cooked meat. The menu said it was flame grilled though and it tasted flame grilled, but the texture was that of slow cooked beef. You know what? They could have slow cooked it and then finished it off on the grill. 

eatdrinklagos the george hotel-6.jpg

NOSA: The mash was fantastic, however. Almost flew under the radar during our dinner. At the end of it, Folly looked at me and went, "that mash was really good, you know?".

FOLLY: Look at how pillowy it looks, almost looks like foam and clouds right?


NOSA: Overall, The George is passable. For how much you spend, you can get a lot better elsewhere.

FOLLY: Terrible value for money and I had heard they had good cocktails but I was thoroughly disappointed with my Caipirinha.

NOSA: It's perfect if you haven't got a shred of imagination when it comes to dinner date locations. 

FOLLY: Exactly, many a Lagos babe would be washed by dinner at The George, even more so than at Eko Hotel. 



Rib-eye - N9000

Pork Ribs - N8400

Caipirinha - N3500

Crispy Calamari - N4800





Yup, it's a hotel.

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXVI


Message: Hi. I’m planning a surprise 30th birthday dinner for my boyfriend. Budget is 100k for 16 guests. Max 20 people. Can you suggest restaurants with really nice ambience that I can use? Preferably in VI. Thank you.
— N.A

FOLLY: Honestly, 16 - 20 people with a budget of 100k will allow you N5000-N6250/head max which for most VI restaurants with really nice ambiance is too little. I mean, that'll get each person a main and water at a couple of restaurants, but when you add the inevitable service charge and starters for the table it won't work out. With that in mind, increase your budget or reduce your number of guests and you can do somewhere like Crust & Cream, Arabesque or Casper & Gambini's.

NOSA: You could get a private chef to cater at that price point. Only problem would be location.

Subject: Hot Pot

Message: Hello Guys,

Do you know if there is any chinese restaurant that does hot pot?

Awaiting your response..

Thank you.
— L.O

FOLLY: Yes, the one on Saka Tinubu. I couldn't tell you the name, but it's the one with Chinese letters on the exterior. 

Subject: Apple Pie

Message: Hello Folly & Nosa,

Please, where can I get a good Apple pie for affordable. Salt Lagos (who have amazing cakes and other desserts) have one but, an Apple pie at ₦10,000....hmmm, eez kwait kostly-_-

Help please!?

PS - please don’t stop the reviews. Trust me, I’m having a better dining experience in Lagos now thanks to EAT. DRINK. LAGOS.

FOLLY: I think Orchid Bistro has apple pie on their dessert menu but I'm not sure and have never had it. I know Apple Crumble =/= Apple Pie but if it also works for you, my favorite is the one at Ice Cream Factory. 

NOSA: Honey's Cupcakes used to make Apple Pie. Some cute mini ones too. But it appears, she's closed shop and moved to England. 

Subject: Venue for a Strategic Session

Message: Hi guys,

Please help with suggestions for an all day location for a strategic session. Someplace with a nice ambience, great food and a projector/screen. It’s for 6 people and the budget is 40-50k.

Thank you.
— A.A

FOLLY: Maybe, any of the hotels, they should have projectors and your team can have the buffet lunch or a la carte if they offer it. 

NOSA: I agree, a hotel meeting room. No restaurant is going to let you use their space for an entire day for so little.

Hi Nosa and Folly,

I am major foodie and have enjoyed your reading your restaurant reviews. So I want to use this opportunity to thank you guys for being our food tasters and bringing individual restaurant experiences to our mailbox.

I am planning a surprise birthday dinner for my husband and will appreciate your recommendation on the best venue for this. Someplace cosy, with minimal crowd. The dinner is for about 15-20 people, at a budget of about N8k per person (incl. drinks). Thanks.
— Anon

FOLLY: Thank you! So you want somewhere cosy and not a big crowd? I think Verandah is very cosy and your budget would work there. My second suggestion is La Provence. And if you're looking for something on the mainland, Orchid Bistro also fits your description. 

NOSA: Nah on La Provence, for me. The food isn't that good and the parking isn't great.

Subject: Vacation

Message: Hi friend introduced me to this forum.....am on a vacay around Agungi Lekki. Ps I need advice on good ressturant,spa, eatery ,Pizza......just a niceplace to hang out for 2
— A.T

FOLLY: Don't know if you're trolling us or being serious. I don't know of any good restaurants and/or spas in Agungi, but there's a Dominos pizza. 

NOSA: Agungi has that new mall, no? It has a Rhapsody's in it. And there's an Ice Cream Factory also.

Eat.Drink.Lagos on #OnTheRise

A while ago, we did a little interview for a show called "On The Rise". It was the first time we've been on a proper set and it was really fun stuff. Anyway, the trailer for it came out yesterday and we figured we'd share. 

On The Rise is an upcoming Television series, engaging African entrepreneurs and sharing their journeys; highlighting trials and successes. 

Incubating a network of entrepreneurs to discuss leadership skills, strategies in sustaining startup businesses and tips that emerging entrepreneurs can benefit from

The show is coming to AIT soon so if you have a TV, you should look out for it. We'll share more when we have the exact air date.

Folly will be taking over the On The Rise twitter account today so that should be fun as well. 

Oh, our supplier made us a couple more cups so if you've missed out on getting one over the weekend, check out the shop.

Palm Wine And Other Local Drinks At Studio Of Modé

FOLLY: If Mai Tai’s and Long Island’s have never been your thing, here’s an opportunity to try locally brewed alcoholic drinks at Studio of Modé.


NOSA: I’m surprised no one has taken a look at our local alcohol industry and cleaned it up a bit. There’s no one brewing burukutu on a large scale or anything. In any other country, we’d have bartenders making crazy stuff with ogogoro.

FOLLY: When I think of locally produced alcohol, I only know palm wine and ogogoro. I don’t know if ogogoro is the name of the drink, or is just a local word for hooch.

NOSA: Someone should tell Ringier to stop making those knockoff Battabox videos and give us money to taste locally produced alcohol. Like, a pair of Nigerian Anthony Bourdains.

FOLLY: That’s the cue for any of the traffic light colored banks to steal that idea in 3, 2, 1 ...

NOSA: Anyway, the big idea behind this exhibition by Studio of Modé is to enlighten people about indigenous alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There’ll be tastings of drinks like palm wine, burukutu, pito, kunu, and whatnot.

FOLLY: Of the drinks that’ll be on offer, only a couple of them are familiar to me so it’s definitely going to be a learning experience too. To be fair, burukutu sounds like a dance.

NOSA: There’ll be food too. Nkwobi, asun, etc.

FOLLY: Important Details:

Date: Two days: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2016
Where: Studio of Modé (4 Olumo Street, Parkview, Ikoyi)
Fee: N3000 and you can get tickets here

Also, you see the trailer below:


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